Saturday, October 27, 2012

Natina Reed of Blaq dead at 32 confirmed by lisa lopes brother

I am rather speechless and sad. I am still trying to wrap my fingers around the loss of this talented young woman and the senseless way that she died... Or better yet was Murdered.... I woke up this morning prepping for my day when my text and email and twitter was filled with the notification that she had been killed last night by a hit and run driver. As you know i meet lots of celebs and i never speak of what my brother calls The tea... I dont tell the things they confide in me nor do i use it to get fame as a blogger. I met Natina 3 yrs ago at an event being hosted by one of the clients i manage. We had a great time. I remember her talking to me about her son and her plans to revive her career.She talked about raising her son whom she loved and she kicked some lyrics for me. Her lyrical style was flawless but what touched me the most was her realness. She was so open and honest with me i never really asked a question we just chatted. I texted her periodically over the past few years and she seemed like things were looking up. My heart is saddened by this situation because she was a young woman who lost her role model at the very beginning of her career and then became lost in the pursuit of fame. Her flame was put out too soon. This was the picture i took of her when we hosted the event RIP Natina Reed
Update its wasnt a hit and run.