Thursday, May 8, 2014

Latisha Robb Turning on Lights in the big apple

Have you ever Turned on a Light switch and realized you could see so sooo much better? Well i have the book for you,Its called Turn on The Lights So you can See. New Author Latisha R. Robb has created her own genre of writing with this autobiographical self help urban literature. Mixing her gritty life experiences along with utilizing her trademark "Light Switches" she shows that you can do anything if you can identify and remove the obstacles that are in your way. With her celebrity endorsors such a J Holiday,Gangsta Boo this book promises not to disappoint and to help anyone who decides they want growth and a new prospective when it comes to changing life for the better!! also available on her booking info Publicist is T. Morrison Lets get to some of the details in regards to the NYC launch.. Held in the trendy Toshi's some of NYC's elite and fashionable showed up for an opportunity to meet and greet with Latisha. With musical crooning of the grammy nominated J. Holiday.Guests had the opportunity to hear how Latisha and J met and how her book gave him a new respect for her. Great food ,great atmosphere and an amazing piece of literature that no one can deny can help anyone if they read it and apply the principles. This made for a great nite, With complementary cocktails supplied by sponsor SK liquers and great finger foods from Toshi's this is definitely one of the best book launches the queen has attended in quite sometime. Here are some sneak peeks from her NYC launch.. Stay tuned she is coming to a city near you!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rest in Peace Uncle Phil

When i found out that uncle phil (James Avery) Had passed away i was truly saddened. The beloved dad on the fresh prince of Bel aire died after having open heart surgery. The sad part of this whole situation is that he was well known for being obese.It seems like deaths like this are never a wake up call for anyone.. We have to be aware of our health and wellness.. Obesity leads to heart disease which requires surgeries such as the one James Avery had.. Just my two cents. Pr Queen