Saturday, October 27, 2012

Natina Reed of Blaq dead at 32 confirmed by lisa lopes brother

I am rather speechless and sad. I am still trying to wrap my fingers around the loss of this talented young woman and the senseless way that she died... Or better yet was Murdered.... I woke up this morning prepping for my day when my text and email and twitter was filled with the notification that she had been killed last night by a hit and run driver. As you know i meet lots of celebs and i never speak of what my brother calls The tea... I dont tell the things they confide in me nor do i use it to get fame as a blogger. I met Natina 3 yrs ago at an event being hosted by one of the clients i manage. We had a great time. I remember her talking to me about her son and her plans to revive her career.She talked about raising her son whom she loved and she kicked some lyrics for me. Her lyrical style was flawless but what touched me the most was her realness. She was so open and honest with me i never really asked a question we just chatted. I texted her periodically over the past few years and she seemed like things were looking up. My heart is saddened by this situation because she was a young woman who lost her role model at the very beginning of her career and then became lost in the pursuit of fame. Her flame was put out too soon. This was the picture i took of her when we hosted the event RIP Natina Reed
Update its wasnt a hit and run.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


YOU are on top of the world...... YOu just got signed to the MIAMI dolphins,You married a dime piece you met on twitter who is a reality star,You also have a new reality show premiering on SEPT 4...... What could go wrong?????? WELLLLLLLLLLL...... for Chad ocho cinco Johnson everything.... The Football player,reality show star video gamer now just bailed out of jail for domestic battery just yesterday after alledgedly headbutting his reality show star wife Evelyn Lozada after she found a receipt for condoms in his car.... first here is the 911 call Now Chad has been dropped from the dolphins, his reality show is cancelled and he is legally forced to stay away from his wife.... We dont know if chad really headbutted Evelyn. But if anyone has saw Evelyn in action on BBW she could have threw some bottles and went crazy... I think before we judge and get on the bandwagon we might need to let this story play out...
Do you think its possible that she bumped heads with him and was so mad she decided to ruin both of there lives??? Evelyn is emotional like that.. Hell google any episode of BBW and watch Evelyn cry fight and go psycho.. Now i am not an advocate for any type of domestic violence but have you seen how big Chad's head is??? how the hell could you not dodge that big ass head??? Well i guess we will just have to see this one play out.... PS. why did she get angry about the condoms she said he could cheat as long as he used a condom????

Thursday, June 14, 2012

kimora lee simmons,djimon,russell simmons and the divorce....

Wow!!!! Ok I have been off the scene as of lately but you know it takes some real ish to get the queen to get off her throne and blog sometimes....About a week ago i read a post on gobal grind typed by the multimillionaire ex-hubby of Kimora lee simmons. He decided to support and speak out against the so called rumors of the impending divorce of kimora and djimon.... Well it is clear that they arent really legally married anyway... but he spent quite some time supporting and speaking positively in regards to the whole relationship between them all. Something i always find weird with them but hey when you have businesses together that keep you all rich and relavent you do what you have to do.... see russell's comments here Now insert the intelligent well versed published author,ex sex slave of Osama bin ladin and Djimon's lover and Kimora's ex friend.....Kola boof.... well, i just have to say that you will have to read this one for yourself.... She made me a believer and like my grandmother always says you have two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth... welll Kola appears to be in the middle...... What the hell is going on with Kimora's face??? love and hugs my peeps... stay tuned for the PR queens musings about a few events that i have attended this spring and summer ;)... Hamptons to the hood or hmmmmm... the hoods in the hamptons......

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Socialite Tuesdays ,Davone Madison Jackson ,Jackie Christie ,Madison Kelly

If you missed the launch of Socialite Tuesdays brought to you by MSK Enterprises You missed a party!!This first edition was our reality show Socialite edition. Our celebrity socialite guests were JACKIE CHRISTIE of BBWLA. AND DAVONE MADISON JACKSON who is fresh off of SAY YES TO THE DRESS and 4 WEDDINGS.With Celebrity MC MZ SHYNEKA.
As i have read a few of the blogs alot of our focus was on JACKIE CHRISTIE who is amazing and a real marketing powerhouse.With Four books under her belt, a fashion line in the works BBWLA and numerous other ventures currently brewing you would think she would be a super diva and be the way she is portrayed on the show.
This couldnt be further from the truth. This fresh faced beauty originally from Seattle Washington is a amazing mom , WIFE and friend. I had the opportunity to spend the last 24 hrs with her and i must say i just love her. so pleasant and approachable she took photos with everyone at the event and speaking to each fan and just enjoying herself. The only rumor i have about her is she is one of the newest additions to the PR Queen /Edwards ENT Family :)

The next socialite that was featured this week was DAVONE MADISON JACKSON and she is what we affectionately call our "CELESBIAN" With a new wife and lease on life and a growing business she is taking Dollhouse enterprises to the next level. One of the first lesbians featured on say yes to the dress and four weddings along with her nuptiables being featured in Jett Magazine. This ultimate business woman and creator of a meetup group for lesbians(dollhouse which was founded in NYC and now is in 8 states including ATL) she has taken the LGBT community by storm. With A book in the works,the creation of her specialty wedding planning business she is one woman you want to keep and eye on.There are also rumblings of a show in the works...stay tuned....

The Socialite Tues EVENT IS THE BRAINCHILD of MSK ENTERPRISES owner MADISON SHANNON KELLY. Stay tuned for next months Socialite tues.
Special shout out to SAMMI HAYNES who is an amazing event planner..

In other news today some random rapper name TYGA from young money insulted the gay community by saying that media takeout is written by FAGGOTS...... wow i mean who is this guy anyway??? not really sure but good luck with that one...
Oh and Trey SONGZ is selling TREY's Angels tshirts at CITY TRENDS..... UMMMM need i say more......

Until we meet again much love and peace and if it isnt relevant why discuss it..

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston,Madison Kelly,Rumors About Jackie Christy and LGBT community

Today is the day we say goodbye to first a daughter,sister,mother,niece,cousin and last a superstar.I have been very quite about her death as all the rumors swirled about her fighting before her death,her family shutting Bobby brown out from the funeral,her supposed drunken behavior prior to the finding of her lifeless body in her hotel room....
Well to me as a fan she was an amazing powerhouse who i idolized as a singer and actress.i remember in 1985 when her first album came out and i was in the basement with my uncle trying to recreate her album cover while i performed greatest looooove of alllll!!!! I did watch her decline but i never forgot how amazing she was and always prayed for her return to the industry.
One thing that we as fans dont understand is that she was a human being... No matter how amazing she was in front of the cameras or in the studio she battled the same things that most people deal with every day... Marital problems,family drama,substance issues and more. Not to mention having her privacy invaded constantly.
Today I just want to say Rest in Paradise Whitney........Now you can have peace.

Sending our condolensces to Madison Shannon Kelly and her fiance Damon "day day" Harris. Informed last night that she miscarried her twins.. We send love and hugs her way and wish a speedy recovery..

Jackie Christy coming to the ATL And co hosting an event with a LGBT pioneer Davone Madison Jackson.
Madison Kelly presents socialite tuesdays at Pearl Bistro..
That isnt what this post is about however,I received a text from a well known Lesbian and LGBT activist who informed me that as she posted the promotion for this event people where texting her stating Jackie Christy doesnt like gay people... Well as part of her management team and a person who speaks to her regularly this cant be far from the truth. I am not sure where this rumor started but she told me herself she has friends and family that are gay or lesbian...Why would she have an issue?? It makes no sense. if you look at her press release on her site she is famous for remarrying her husband of almost 20 yrs every year. In 2008 she was planning her next wedding with having 100 gay and lesbian couples join them along with donating 100,000 to charity... Not sure if that sounds like someone that hates gays and lesbians... scroll down to july 2008 post to see the actual article posted on her own website.
You guys please give me a break with assumptions, and rumors.... Wars are started with less..

Love you guys.
If you would like to meet Jackie Christy in person she will be here February 28th @pearl bistro...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So the queen has been gone for a minute but she is back to give you the happenings of ATL and beyond...

For starters its looking like they are casting for LOVE and HIP HOP Atlanta and the rumor mill is buzzing with info of potential cast members. Currently in the running(not verified) Is MZ shyneka of 107.9 and Diamond of crime mob fame. I truly hope that Mz Shyneka is chosen. In regards to Diamond i guess she would be a fit. I am sure it couldnt hurt her career as it could use a boost.

photo courtesy of ATL PICS

Speaking of reality shows ATLANTA Housewives are looking for new cast members this season. One of the young ladies in the running is a self made real estate business woman Latisha Robb of Marietta Ga. This young lady is a mom of 5 of which 3 of her children are step children she raised alone without her husband nor their biological mother. With her biological daughter in the running as America's next supermodel and standing at 5'9" at 12 yrs old she is one to watch. Just this past weekend she had a private ,but over the top celebrity superbowl party at her mansion in Marietta Ga.
I am torn though i am kinda rooting for her to get on the show but at the same time hopes that she gets her own show.

pictures of Latisha (elle ) Robb and her waitstaff at her superbowl party.

Speaking of events Madison Kelly (MSK Enterprises,Diva Delights,Pussycattales,Don DIVA..... whew this list goes on...
Begins another venture. This past week her cupcakes were featured on GOOD Day Atlanta,had a fabulous superbowl event at her restaurant in JETT Lounge in Decatur(i suggest you get the lambchops they are amazing).
She is at it again starting up a series of events with the first event being a relationship extravaganza. If you are looking for love we have speed dating,If you are in a relationship we have some great panelist.. with something for everyone we have JACKIE CHRISTY (BBWLA) ,TIONNA SMALLS, DAVONE MADISON (say yes to the dress, Four WEDDINGS and CEO of Dollhouse Enterprises And DAWN MONTGOMERY (Model,Mental Health Advocate) Will be there giving relationship advice and networking.Stay tuned for more info to come. Date: February 28th with times to be announced location Arizona's Restaurant at Stonecrest. This event is followed up by the launch of Socialite Tuesdays.
This is an event for the business women in atlanta who want to network and have vip treatment along with good food and drinks. Hosted by MZ Shyneka of 107.9 this event promises to be one you wont want to miss.
Starting February 28th at 930pm at Jett Lounge on Clairmont Rd.