Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alicia Keyes fell during her performance at the Essence Festival

Ok , I love My Alica Keyes.. However , there is a time when you have to stop wearing the four inch heels during your pregnancy and chill a little. Now 5 months pregnant we are going to need her to be more careful...

Love you Mz swizz beats


Friday, July 2, 2010


I am a little late with my Bet Awards Recap.. Well let's start with comebacks. I was so impressed with how KANYE made his presence known only onstage and didn't interrupt Prince's acceptance speech with the drama of him saying Prince your great and all but Michael Jackson was the greatest of all time!!! I had to do it..... LOL... Anyway moving on his performance was pretty decent. especially coming of the preshow performances that lacked so much ..... I am really tired of Soulja Boy not doing anything on stage...Please someone help the child.... I guess that is what angers me sometimes about this industry. I am so tired of the Non Performers getting rich but not being actual performers. Don't get me wrong Soulja Boy is very smart. Maybe its just me but i want more.....
Before i start rambling.....The next comeback was CHRIS BROWN!!!!! I was soooooo proud of his performance that it brought me to tears.. I looove MICHAEL JACKSON... It was clear that he loved him also. There was lots of speculation that he did it to boost his career but his tribute to MJ was the best one i have seen..It was obvious that Rhianna wasn't there but clearly she has to stay away due to Chris's probation. She was too busy smoking weed and tearing up a hotel is what i heard.... The next comeback was EL Debarge..... He looked great and sounded just like he did back in the day.... I was soooo happy to see him looking great since you know the whole family has been plagued with drugs for many years...
Puffy did a great job with dirty money.... as you know puffy still loves fireworks and shiny suits..... LOL Alicia Keyes makes me love woman even more... from her performance in her tiny dress.. to climbing on the Piano to perform for her prince tribute I just love her... At the awards with her future hubby and future stepson and baby bump i loved her even more. Then there was Patty!!!! I am never disappointed in Patty she almost brought Prince to tears.. coming out of her shoes only like Patty can she sang her heart out...
I did enjoy Latifah as the host my favorite part was when she repped hip hop and performed over Drakes beat.... She did a much better job performing then Drake did....
I must say this was the best and well put together BET awards i have seen in a long time..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The SeXXXY Nyomi Banxxx is on Playboy radio this week

The sexxxy,classy Lady of Porn is at it again Giving back to her fans. After a busy year filled with AVN award Nominations,New movie releases and now her Urban X award nomination One of the classy queens of porn is ready to give it to you again Starting tonite on Playboy Radio. Nyomi Banxxx wants all her fans to call in and tell ther steamiest sexiest stories just call in TONITE and get off on Playboy Radio Sirius and XM 99 at 7pm West Coast. call in at 877-205-9796

Adult Film Star killed a coworker

I usually have something witty or smart to say but this is just a sad story......Crime
Police: Fired Porn Actor Killed Co-Worker With PropUpdated: 3 hours 29 minutes ago
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Michelle Ruiz

AOL News (June 2) -- A manhunt is under way today for a fired porn actor who went berserk at a Southern California production studio after he lost his job there, killing one co-worker and wounding two others with a sword that was used as a movie prop, police said.

Stephen Hill, 30, attacked his colleagues and then fled late Tuesday after he lost his job at Ultima DVD Inc., the porn studio where he lived and worked, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing investigators. Facing unemployment and eviction, Hill stabbed a male co-worker and two other colleagues, who rushed to the victim's aid, authorities told The Associated Press.

"We can confirm the suspect used a sword to kill one and injure two," police officer Cleon Joseph told AOL News.

One of those who tried to help suffered a large wound to his torso and died in surgery at the hospital. The two others who were wounded are expected to survive, according to police.

None of the victims were well-known porn actors. Police said Hill acted and did production work in several adult films.
Michelle Ruiz

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last weekend i had the priviledge of seeing the trailer to the new movie FACEOFF with Nyomi Banxxx And XXXARYANASTARR. I promise you will not be dissappointed. This film is full of all the sexiness that you are used to with a Nyomi Banxxx production and I have to send a shout out to Silverback Entertainment. In a Store near you at the end of June

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Casey Johnson: Dead at 30

Casey Johnson: Dead at 30

I know this has nothing to do with porn but what a sad development. If half of what Tila Tequila tells us is true about the tragedies in her life all i can say is i feel sad for her.

Terrell Owens Upset With Photo on Porn Site

Terrell Owens Upset With Photo on Porn Site

I am very surprised he was upset that his photo was on a porn site considering he had posed nude for his own show! I am assuming that he is trying to get publicity for his show and not really mad about it being there. Probably just mad he didnt get paid for it which i cant blame him for!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Get Ready for the Money in the Banxxx TOUR!!!

Nyomi Banxxx is doing it again bringing sexiness and class to another tour.. ARE YOU READY??? Coming to a city near you..

Welcome to our first official posting of 2010!!!

PR Queen has started her Blog!!!
Greetings and welcome to the Chronicles of Pr Queen. this blog is a blog for the review of Adult film and to also announce events and ect that are going on. stay Tuned for a fun ride filled with my crazy commentary and review of your favorite adult film stars and the movies they star in!!!