Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adult Film Star killed a coworker

I usually have something witty or smart to say but this is just a sad story......Crime
Police: Fired Porn Actor Killed Co-Worker With PropUpdated: 3 hours 29 minutes ago
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Michelle Ruiz

AOL News (June 2) -- A manhunt is under way today for a fired porn actor who went berserk at a Southern California production studio after he lost his job there, killing one co-worker and wounding two others with a sword that was used as a movie prop, police said.

Stephen Hill, 30, attacked his colleagues and then fled late Tuesday after he lost his job at Ultima DVD Inc., the porn studio where he lived and worked, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing investigators. Facing unemployment and eviction, Hill stabbed a male co-worker and two other colleagues, who rushed to the victim's aid, authorities told The Associated Press.

"We can confirm the suspect used a sword to kill one and injure two," police officer Cleon Joseph told AOL News.

One of those who tried to help suffered a large wound to his torso and died in surgery at the hospital. The two others who were wounded are expected to survive, according to police.

None of the victims were well-known porn actors. Police said Hill acted and did production work in several adult films.
Michelle Ruiz

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