Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Socialite Tuesdays ,Davone Madison Jackson ,Jackie Christie ,Madison Kelly

If you missed the launch of Socialite Tuesdays brought to you by MSK Enterprises You missed a party!!This first edition was our reality show Socialite edition. Our celebrity socialite guests were JACKIE CHRISTIE of BBWLA. AND DAVONE MADISON JACKSON who is fresh off of SAY YES TO THE DRESS and 4 WEDDINGS.With Celebrity MC MZ SHYNEKA.
As i have read a few of the blogs alot of our focus was on JACKIE CHRISTIE who is amazing and a real marketing powerhouse.With Four books under her belt, a fashion line in the works BBWLA and numerous other ventures currently brewing you would think she would be a super diva and be the way she is portrayed on the show.
This couldnt be further from the truth. This fresh faced beauty originally from Seattle Washington is a amazing mom , WIFE and friend. I had the opportunity to spend the last 24 hrs with her and i must say i just love her. so pleasant and approachable she took photos with everyone at the event and speaking to each fan and just enjoying herself. The only rumor i have about her is she is one of the newest additions to the PR Queen /Edwards ENT Family :)

The next socialite that was featured this week was DAVONE MADISON JACKSON and she is what we affectionately call our "CELESBIAN" With a new wife and lease on life and a growing business she is taking Dollhouse enterprises to the next level. One of the first lesbians featured on say yes to the dress and four weddings along with her nuptiables being featured in Jett Magazine. This ultimate business woman and creator of a meetup group for lesbians(dollhouse which was founded in NYC and now is in 8 states including ATL) she has taken the LGBT community by storm. With A book in the works,the creation of her specialty wedding planning business she is one woman you want to keep and eye on.There are also rumblings of a show in the works...stay tuned....

The Socialite Tues EVENT IS THE BRAINCHILD of MSK ENTERPRISES owner MADISON SHANNON KELLY. Stay tuned for next months Socialite tues.
Special shout out to SAMMI HAYNES who is an amazing event planner..

In other news today some random rapper name TYGA from young money insulted the gay community by saying that media takeout is written by FAGGOTS...... wow i mean who is this guy anyway??? not really sure but good luck with that one...
Oh and Trey SONGZ is selling TREY's Angels tshirts at CITY TRENDS..... UMMMM need i say more......

Until we meet again much love and peace and if it isnt relevant why discuss it..

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